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Myron Love - Freelance Writer



Myron Love has been a freelance writer for over 25 years. He currently writes for between 30 and 40 different publications covering a wide range of subjects. He writes a weekly auto dealer column in The Winnipeg Free Press and a people column in The Weekly Jewish Post and News. He also covers the medical field, agriculture, industry, manufacturing, finance, floorcovering, firefighting, food and restaurant, fashion, trucking, entertainment, and writes personality profiles.

His assignments can encompass Manitoba, Western Canada, or the country as a whole.

He works for whatever the publication's going rate is. He can turn stories around within a day and takes his own photos (digital).

For further information or to assign stories, contact Myron at (204) 334-4961 or e-mail him at

If you would like to receive the Jewish Post & News, you can contact Myron Love at (204) 334-4961 or by e-mail at

A 1-year subscription is approximately $40 and 2-year is approximately $70. If you subscribe now, you will receive either $5 off the subscription price, or a Show and Save Book!

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